Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A Darling Ranges Dress

I have finally finished this Darling Ranges dress! I started it over a year ago while pregnant and was silly to do so! My head was totally not in the game, as everything I attempted for myself last year was a complete FAIL! So this dress hung in the closet unfinished until last week when I saw it there, begging me to give it another chance and not completely waste the lovely vintage bedsheet fabric that I had used. And I'm glad I did, in that it feels good to get unfinished things done. Even if it didn't turn out great, and if I'll probably only wear it around the house in future, I'm ok with the hack job that this dress is.

I bought this pattern from Megan Nielsen herself at the Perth Upmarkets in late 2012 and was keen to give it a go after seeing these awesome versions here, here and here!
Now like I said I was pregnant and loco so I will never let anyone close enough to look inside this dress! The insides are HORRIBLE!!
But moving on, I would like to remake this dress properly one day, in a more drapey fabric as the cotton is just a bit too stiff for my liking and puffs out quite a bit in the skirt. I would also try the sleeves with a normal hem and narrower, and next time buy enough buttons! They start out close together up top and then quite rapidly get very spaced out closer to the hem!

I didn't need to put on the tie at the back as my waist filled out the dress already. I also moved the bust dart to a less crazy spot for me.

So lessons learnt for next time (I do really like this pattern):
Softer fabric with better drape,
buy enough buttons,
don't sew while loco (this is my motto for 2014!),
move the bust dart
and finish the insides!

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