Friday, 19 April 2013

A Busy Week and Some Overdue Changes

Well I am buggered! It's been a very busy week for us all and I'm very glad to see the start of school holidays! Firstly we went south to Rockingham to swim with dolphins which was so much fun and such a relaxing experience. Those things are huge and to see them up close swimming all around us was amazing.
Looking super stylish in our attractive wetsuits!

Watching these cool animals surf alongside the boat

My little snorkelling noodle!

As well as getting all close with dolphins, this week was Indi's school class assembly which they have been preparing for many weeks. The theme was When I Grow Up and it was absolutely the cutest thing seeing them all up on stage in their little costumes. Indi was an astronaut so I made this costume for her to be ready to take on the cosmos!

In other news this week, Mikal and I had our 11th year together in love and I was lucky enough to get an awesome bunch of my most favourite flowers. It was also the day of our 20 week scan of our baby and I guess we could both breath a little easier after seeing the little beetle move all around.
From the sunshine in my life!
I've also been very busy sewing up my first ladies dress which is called 'The Skip to my Lou Dress' named after my awesome friend Lou who ordered the very first one. This one is made in a beautiful vintage navy floral fabric and will be ready for sale in my shop very soon. Here is a little sneak peek:

A Skip to my Lou in vintage fabric
To top off the week, I got a lovely surprise in the mail from two sweet friends which is always the best thing! There is nothing better than receiving lovely handwritten mail and opening it over a cup of tea! Especially when it includes a cool mag from Townsville, complete with little handwritten notes :) and some postcards that explain things so well! Thanks Amber!

And just because it's that time of year where I feel like changing/tidying up/getting organised I've decided to update this little blog of mine just a tad. I hope you like the update! Have a great week, I plan to do a lot of sleeping in (no walking to school for 2 weeks! Yay!) and doing lots of fun sewing and crafty goodness with my moon. 

Friday, 5 April 2013

Mad Men Challenge 2013 - My Little Sally Draper

So here is my Mad Men Challenge outfit for this year. My little Sally Draper. I loved her cute 60's flowery shift dress and I thought Indi would look sweet in a similar one with some vintage fabric I remembered I had.

I had aimed to also make a Peggy replica for myself but due to a lot of craziness occurring in my sewing world of late, I just didn't get time. Maybe next year? 

Bring on the next season! I CAN NOT WAIT!! Sorry for the capitals, I'm very excited!!!
Thanks to Julia Bobbin for setting this up again!

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