Friday, 25 January 2013

Houston we had a problem!

This dress makes me cry.

I bought this amazing space fabric from Spoonflower in 2011 as I just fell madly in love with it. I wasn't sure what I would end up doing with it but I knew I had to have it. AGES later I found this New Look 6120 pattern and thought, Yes, this will be great. How wrong I was. Firstly, in my normal rush and excitement I didn't think of the weight of the fabric. Mine being way too heavy for the nice drape needed in the dress. Secondly, the pattern cuts quite large as it is then brought in with the matching tie belt, but due to the thickness, this looked ridiculous. So then I brought it in on the sides which then changed the silhouette to even more unflattering as the pockets poked right out!

Here is my friend Amber again modelling this for me, and somehow making this dress with its many flaws look quite respectable! This dress pulls over so if I ever get the urge to try and fix this dress again I would cut open the back and put in a zip and also unpick the bias trim on the neckline and either open it out wider or put some little front darts in, at least so its not puckering at both sides!

Dress, I had high spacey hopes, but unfortunately we came crashing down to Earth. We live and we learn!
I'd love to hear if anyone else has had such a catastrophic disaster with a beloved fabric!


  1. Wow this looks very okay to me, it's actually a pretty awesome dress! And yes I've once wasted super beautiful yukata fabric bought in Japan with an ill-fitted Ceylon dress :(

  2. It looks fantastic, but if it isn't right on you, why not recut it into a fitted shift dress? Gorgeous fabric.

  3. Oh I was thinking of getting some space fabric from spoonflower- though a slightly different print. Which type of fabric did you order?

    1. Hi Carolyn, I ordered the cotton sateen from Spoonflower but I don't think it was organic back then or as expensive. They have so many more fabric options now, it's great. I'll have to try their cotton poplin next I think!

    2. The poplin is fairly light weight and holds color good, but it is stiffer then the cotton sateen. The sateen isn't the same (not as good for color retention)as it was a year or or more ago. (khowardquilts at Spoonflower)

  4. I think it turned out fabulous! I wish I had that dress ... :)

  5. The "Houston we had a problem! " is well written, just love your dresses and styles. hope to learn more from you!


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